Qismat-Ammy Virk, a growing hit !

Ammy Virk’s song starring Sargun Mehta, ‘Qismat’ is finally out and is already on every playlist. The lyrics and video directly reach the heart and makes you wanna hear it timelessly. Ammy Virk is really pulling off the black look with his expression on point, whereas Sargun with her outstanding performance has won everyone’s hearts.

The video starts with Sargun nervously jumping onto a bus in a bridal attire, presuming that she ran from her wedding. The gradual story building allows the viewer to feel the pain and hurt in the singer’s voice ( depicting Sargun’s misfortune). The simplistic story telling of how the girl got her heart broken and betrayed by everyone she lay trust upon is what touches the chord. The video has beautifully captured each emotion and is complete sync with the lyrics.  The climax of the song is heart-wrenching and really brings tears to your eyes.

Arvindr Khaira has proved again that he is one of the best Video Director we have in Punjabi Music Industry. Music of the song is given by B Praak and lyrics are by Jaani. 

Check out the song here:

Inputs by: Shagun Jain

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