Interview with Navdeep Bobby Jhajj about his new short film The Split


Q) Tell me about the movie in brief. 

Ans. The Split explores emotional turmoil of a child whose parents are divorced and that child is ‘split’ among her parents. The story takes you through the emotional journey of the child. Even though her parents make every effort to make the child happy but they are unable to understand what the child really wants

Q) Is this short film based on some real incident? From where did you conceive this idea? 

Ans. It is not based on any real story. Divorce is a common thing these days. Nobody understands the real victim, the child. The child suffers through a trauma, that I have showcased in the movie.

Q) What is the reason, why divorce is becoming very common? 

Ans. There are lots of reasons: Higher expectations from each other, our life style; the world is getting materialistic. Priorities have changed and instead of realizing their responsibilities in a family and towards each other, they value themselves more than the other

Q) Tell me about the cast of the movie 

All actors in this film are stage actors.

Jaspal Dhillon, Jugvinder Judge, Liveleen Singh are the ones who have been doing stage since the past 25 years. Mehar has made her debut in this film and has performed equally well. Mehar has played the lead as the child. Music has been given by Sukhbir & Editor is Bakhsish Aluwalia

Q) Tell me about you? How were you introduced to films ? Where are you from? 

Ans. I am the writer & director of this film. I am originally from Sanehwal (Ludhiana), Punjab living in Canada from the past 14 years. Even though an IT consultant by profession, I have always been motivated by films & dramas. So I started with Music videos and now I am into directing films. My first film was a short punjabi film “ONE DAY.” I am Soon planning a feature film that has always been my dream.

Q) Your last movie was on father and son relation or you can say, a family drama. Now again, it is based on family issues. What is the reason for such type of genres? 

And. I believe films can be used as a tool to bring change in society. By making films on issues that are very common in our society. We can atleast make an effort to bring some kind of awakening. Every body becomes concerned when they see any thing wrong happening around themselves but only few raise their voice. We as film makers can use films as a medium to communicate our message.

Q) At how many film festivals you are planning to release this movie? 

Ans. We had world premiere in Toronto in PIFF (Punjabi International Film Festival) Next it will be screened in Sydney, Australia from 19 to 21 September at Indian International Film Festival of Australia. My plan is to take it all around the world in different festival

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