An Interview With Raj from Roadies 

Bigg Boss Will Cherish This Aspirant – An Interview With Raj from Roadies

Positivity is something that is rare. Sometimes you get it through experiencing life closely and sometimes you are born with it. Roadies has been an inspiration, but what about the people who are already inspiring? Roadies X1 had its own charms, like all other seasons, but this season saw a person who is already an actor/model/choreographer. The name is Raj. Raj hails from Jaunpur, UP and was fast to get into limelight. “I have been working since a long time in the industry. I have worked with some big names like Saroj Khan, Ganesh Acharya. I have also played cameos in Balika Vadhu and Pratigya, one of the few TV serials to name. So, I have been established in the Industry long before coming into Roadies” said Raj in an interview with Pollywood Masala.

Raj was a topic of debate in Roadies, with his issues throughout his presence, he was a participant whom everyone was keen to watch. “I am just honest. I am what I am. I don’t have any other hidden side of me. I always was in verbal conflict with people in Roadies. The reason was my honesty .. I just said what I felt,” said Raj.

Raj has inhibited this straight to go attitude from his mother. He thanks his parents for everything what he is today, “I wanna keep my parents happy. I don’t believe in the God whom everyone worships, for me, my God are my parents. They are the embodiments of God, himself,” said Raj. Raj has been struggling to keep his parents’ smile alive despite of the drug issues of his brother, which he also mentioned in Roadies. Keeping the spirit alive is a passion, everyone must imbibe. “One day I was really frustrated, I wanted to end my life, but something occurred to me and I decided to fight back,” said Raj. This is the true spirit of Roadies.

Raj mentions choreographer, Terrence as his guide. He has been with him all about his career, giving him true guidance.
When asked about his willingness to participate in the biggest reality show, Bigg Boss, Raj replied, “I would love to be the part of the show. I have always been honest, I know I will have problems there. I just can’t stand musketeers, that will coax me to bring out my bitter side, maybe which people may not like.”
Roadies special:
Raj described each Roadie in his own words. Here are the excerpts:
*Please note that the views expressed here are solely of Raj from the TV show Roadies X1. Pollywood Masala does not intend to harm the individual sentiments of any person.

People were masking their true colors. Utkarsh once talked about forgetting the one month special Roadies and being friends all our lives. But, people kept bitching about each other after the show. I asked for forgiveness from each and everyone on the show, but after a while people blabbered all the wrong stuff about me. I have been past all of that stuff, but people make me remember everything again and again.
When asked about his views on various Roadies, Raj replied:

Nikhat Khan: A darling. We share a unique bond. The only true soul in the show whom I admire. We know each and every minute detail about each other. We are even aware of those “deep secrets” about each other.

Charu: She has always masked her true self.

Nikhil: He used to call me a girl, but I think he is just missing out on a lipstick.

Rishie: He always cribbed about the fact that he didn’t get enough chances, but has he ever seen his body structure? He wasn’t even able to move comfortably!

Ajay: A weak performer, who always relied on manipulating people and pleading his way out!

Garima: She is a nice kiddish girl.

Meher: A girl with a genuine heart. She always showed what was true about her. Is being straight forward a crime?

Rashika: She is a musketeer. She has masked her true self by calling everyone “di” or “Bhaiya”. Come on, give me a break dude, you just can’t escape by innovating false titles! She used to abuse everyone behind the scenes. A super artificial girl, I must say!

Taru: Logic is missing in her talks. She committed me some false promises. She supported Ajay, which hurt me a lot. I was suffocated.

Montek: The “Mr. India” of Roadies X1.

Pallavi: She is a very jolly kind of girl. Fun to be with.

Siddharth: He has a nice body, but, he is a kid, totally a kid.

Utkarsh: The best guy in Roadies X1.

Raj has had many stints in his life. Pollywood Masala wishes him all the luck for his future endeavors. Hope to see you in Bigg Boss soon!

Conceptualized and Written by: Rahul Singh Rana

Interviewed by: Vikrant Thakur

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