An interview with Harpreet Sandhu 

Fashion is a state of mind!
An interview with Harpreet Sandhu 

Fashion is how well you carry yourself. Its a state of mind filled with right attitude and elegant persona. Punjabi film industry has started to evolve in terms of fashion. The days are gone when a shopper’s stop shopping will do the job. Professionals have started making their way into the Industry and have changed the look and feel associated with Punjabi movies. Bright attractive colors matching the story behind every scene is a common thing now. As Punjab comes to life with evolving trends, Pollywood has evolved. Pollywood Masala interviewed Harpreet Sandhu, who is a fashion designer for the movie “Double di Trouble.” This is Harpreet’s fourth Punjabi movie.

Harpreet has all the praises for Dharamendra Ji and Gippy. “Dharamendra Ji is like a family to me. There won’t be second Dharam Ji ever. Gippy is a stylish actor who has set new trends in the Punjabi film industry,” said Harpreet.

Harpreet is also associated with Govinda’s daughter’s first movie, “Well the movie has an interesting name. It’s called 2nd hand husband. The movie is another Sameep Kang movie, who is beyond praise in words and features Dharam Ji and Gippy as lead actors,” shared Harpreet.
Harpreet is confident about the growing Punjabi film industry that is showcasing new talent and increasing budgets perfectly handled by professionals. “I think Ragini Khanna and Gippy have the perfect dressing sense in the industry, although the trend is catching up. I think Punjabi culture must be preserved in the movies. Moreover, Punjabi girls look attractive in suits,” marked Harpreet.
Harpreet is soon showcasing her wardrobe collection in a fashion show to be staged in California. Pollywood Masala wishes her all the luck in her future endeavors.

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